The screen time for an average person who spends time online has become enormously more. Every person is online, doing all sorts of activities and using it for all sorts of purposes. This includes work, entertainment, information, and much more, however, most sites are safe some can be pretty dangerous. By using these sites, you have a risk of catching all sorts of viruses. For such viruses, a great antivirus application was made Avast, which has helped users for years. Having said that, many users have recently complained about having Avast problems on Windows 10. Especially in this particular operating system, users are not able to use Avast antivirus on their computer. If you have faced similar problems then you should read further and solve this Avast problem. 


Why is Avast not working in windows 10?


This is a great section for you if your Avast won’t open and you are stuck with viruses in your computer. First, you will get to know the reasons why this is happening to your windows 10 that will help you solve the Avast Problem.


  • Your avast installation might be broken. This happens sometimes when you install this particular antivirus and it fails to complete the installation of Avast. But, do not worry, Avast antivirus can solve this problem. 


  • Sometimes the antivirus services can stop working as the server of the Avast antivirus stops working. 


  • You might not be performing a clean installation of the Avast antivirus service.


Now, if you want to solve this problem of Avast not working, then you should consider using any one of these reasons. 


  • You can ensure a clean installation of the Avast Antivirus. 


  • If your server is not working then it can be solved by simply restarting the server. 


  • If your Avast installation breaks then you must install it again.