Nowadays, because of security and safety reasons people avoid giving their numbers. But there are some places or more specifically some sites, on which gives your phone number is compulsory. Even though providing phone numbers add to a layer of security for our account but it is not very use. If you are looking for email verification without phone number then you are at the correct place.  In this article we will give you a list of sites and companies which respect your privacy and do not ask for your phone number while creating an email account. 


GMX (Global Mail eXchange) is a Germany-based company. They are working since 1997. They do not ask for a phone number while setting up your account but do ask for another email account for verification purposes. 


One of the most convincing sites with no ads, privacy, encryption, no tracking. But to create a mail account here you need to have an existing mail account so that it can be used to activate your MailFence account. 

MAIL.COM can be a good site to create an email account without a phone number. You just need to fill up your full name, email address you wish to have, security question, the password for the email address. They provide two-step verification, email alias and also free email mobile for both iOS and Android.


– Tutanota is encrypted which gives the users a sense of security and no phone number is required for signing up. There are no advertisements that provide a good email service.