One of the amazing social media platforms where we can instantly get connected with our friends, family or colleagues is WhatsApp. Few prefer to use any platform on their mobile phones whereas few prefer to use it in their system. This depends on the person to person, so if a person needs to use WhatsApp in the system, then they will have to connect through the Whatsapp web and then use it without any interruptions.  

How do I use WhatsApp on the web?

In other social media, you will have to spend a little time logging into your account successfully. But you can use it within a fraction of a second. Also, if you forgot the password you will have to undergo a process but in WhatsApp, you need not go through such difficult paths since there is no password required. Method to login to WhatsApp web:


Step 1: Open your browser, then in the address bar type


Step 2: Now the login page of WhatsApp web will appear; now only if you have the phone that you use WhatsApp you will be able to connect. 


Step 3: From your WhatsApp, tap on the three-dots, then click on the linked devices option. 


Step 4: Again click on the link a device option, now with your phone scan the code on your system. 

Additional tip: 

If you are using this from your personal device, click on the option keep me signed in; so that this will help you from avoiding scanning whenever you require to login to your WhatsApp.