There are many people who want to add cent symbols but they do not know the exact way for the same. The steps to use the cent symbol on Mac are pretty simple but still, we are here with the simple ways to solve the problems for the users. 

For Mac the steps are pretty simple the users only need to place the insertion pointer and then press the option + 4 together at the same place and the cent symbol would be added. 

Procedure to follow to add use cent sign on the computer – 

  1. Firstly the users have to place the insertion point on the screen at the correct place. 
  2. Later on, the users need to click the symbol of CTRL + / option together and then hit the C key from the keyboard and then you need to use this shortcut to insert the Cent symbol on the screen for yourself. 
  3. In an alternative way the users can also type 00A2 on the keyboard you are using and then you can press on the keys of Alt + X together so that this will convert the numbers into the cent symbol that you want to and then it could be placed at where they want to use the insertion pointer and complete cent sign on Windows.

After you have followed these steps now you will be able to use the cent symbol where ever you want to and you do not need to even worry about how to use the cent sign.