If you are dealing with a locked Snapchat account then, this blog is going to help you a lot. We are going to tell you here how you can complete the process of Snapchat unlock account of a locked account. 

There can be many reasons why your account could have been locked but it is important that you focus on the steps that you can perform to unlock your account.

Method 1: Using the Unlock page

The simplest method that you can try for Snapchat com unlock is to use the Unlock page of Snapchat. You need to open the Snapchat page and then try to log into your account and then, click on the yellow Unlock button that is present on the screen. After that, you have to verify your account using your email address and then generate a new password for your account. 

Method 2: Contact Snapchat

You can also contact Snapchat support for the Snapchat login unlock process of your account. Remember that you can only use this method after 24 hours of your account being locked. You need to fill out the form that is given on the support page of Snapchat and then send this form to Snapchat via email. 

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