Amazon is one of the best online shopping platforms which provides more offers and benefits while we shop with them. If you are an amazon prime user, then there is no need to say about the benefits they provide you because they provide an excessive number of benefits. 


Amazon prime login method:

Both the amazon login method and prime method are the same. 

Step 1: If you already have an amazon account, then open your browser, and in the address bar type


Step 2: Then click on the sign-in option, then you will have to enter information like email address and password. 


Step 3: After entering the credential information, you can simply click on the sign-in option; if you are a prime user, then logging into your account will help to access all the benefits that are available just for the prime users.


Benefits of Prime users: 

  • We all have a craze like at once we order a product, we have a temptation to know how the product will be. For prime users, delivery options are as: free one day or two day or no rush delivery for eligible addresses. 
  • To eligible addresses, there is an option to schedule the delivery.


Is the prime available for free?

Absolutely not, the reason is it is a subscription-based option that is available just for prime users to buy the membership and to enjoy all the benefits that are available for members. 


Login to amazon using this method even if you are a prime member, this is the only way to do so. 


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