Telling someone’s age just by having a look at them can be a tad too hard than it seems. Physical appearances don’t do much to help. Age is calculated differently in different cultures. Some need the date of birth while some resort to other ways.

According to some, the age of a newborn is 1 and his/her age increases on the traditional Chinese new year instead of the new year. Regardless of the traditions, one can also calculate his age from date of birth with the help of the birth calculator tool.

You can use this online age calculator to calculate your age. Given below are some simple steps on how you can use this tool;

  • Enter your date of birth
  • Fill out your date of birth correctly in the given date, time, and year boxes with the use of the calendar.
  • Now, select the current date and hit submit.
  • The tool will show your age.

If you do not know your date of birth, you can simply enter your current age to know your date of birth. You can also calculate at a certain date in the past just by entering that date instead of the current date.

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