There is a limit when the users do not want to use the Gmail account they created earlier so that is why there are some users who look for the steps to delete your Gmail account. So we here have created the ways that can be used by the users to delete your Gmail account with easy and simple steps. 

Ways or the procedures to follow to delete the Gmail account permanently – 

  1. For the first step, the users need to click on the profile icon on the screen and then select the option of Manage your Google Account. 
  2. Now in the next step go for the data 7 personalization option followed by deleting a service or your account. 
  3. And when you have done the steps above you have to click on the option Delete a service to delete Gmail account permanently
  4. Now you need to fill up your email as well as your password to proceed further after which you will need to click on the download data option and then followed by it go for send verification email. 
  5. At this step the users need to visit the non Gmail account to get the verification email by clicking on the link and then finally select on the option of Delete Gmail to complete the step and delete your account.  

We hope that the steps above were useful and you can also refer to them whenever you wish to delete your Gmail account easily by following the steps given above. 

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