Having a Facebook page for your business is one of the greatest ways to promote your business. However, when your business no longer exists or if you do not like your business to be merged with your FB account, you will ‘delete FB business page’.


How do I delete my Facebook business page?

First, remember that you need to be the admin of the page to continue deleting it. 


Step 1: Open your Facebook app or website and go straight to the login page of the Facebook account. Then access your account using the login credentials. 


Step 2: Then go to the page and at the top of your page there will be an option called ‘settings’, click on it. 


Step 3: Now under the general, you will have to scroll down and on the section remove page click on the edit option. 


Note:  Deleting Facebook business page has two options that is if your Facebook page has no followers, then you have the option to delete it permanently. But in case, if you have followers, you will have 14 more days to restore your deleted page.


Step 4: After completing step 3, you will have to click on the link to delete your Facebook page. 


Step 5: Now a pop up window will appear on the screen, click on the option delete page. 


Step 6: Then you should receive a message confirming that your Facebook page has been deleted. 


After you ‘delete FB business page’, you have 14 days to restore your page. After the time period of 14 days, the page will be permanently deleted. So in the midst of these 14 days, if you feel like you definitely want this page, then go to the page before these 14 days and click on the option ‘cancel deletion’. 

If you feel like, you want a break from using this page; you can unpublished the page. So that it can be seen only by the admin and also you will not lose any followers by doing so. 

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