If you wish to change the default behavior of your browser for opening up an email link and then automatically proceed to create a new email address, stick to the end of this article. Since different browsers have different features of setting and executing certain functions, we have mentioned all the most used browsers to help you change default email programs


Change the default email program for different browsers

  • Google Chrome

First, you need to open your Google Chrome browser then select the Chrome menu> settings> show advanced settings> Privacy> content settings. Now look for the Handlers button. Hit on the Manage Handlers to select your desired email client. 


  • Internet Explorer 

Go to the control panel and click on the Internet Option. Now select Programs to choose the desired email client. Save changes. 


  • Safari 

Open your browser and install the Google Mailto Extension. Once you have installed the extension, double click on it to select the desired default email client. Click on the options and select one of the email clients. Save changes and restart your browser. 


  • Firefox

Open the Firefox browser and go to Menu> Options or Preferences> Applications> Mailto> Action. Now, select the desired email client and save changes.