Password is such a thing that can be slipped out of the mind of any person and then it could be a difficult task for that person to change the password. Same is the case with the Gmail, there are many people who are not facing problems like how to change password on Gmail?

Well we are here with the ways to set the password and then you can get done with the problem of how to change my Gmail password

The way is to enter the last remembered password of your account that you remember and then Google will help you to change Gmail password on android. Another way that you can try is to click on the forgot password option to get the password of your email address so that you can recover the password of your account and then get the access of your account so that you can use the account and can receive as well as send emails.  

The users can change Gmail password by getting a verification code or even by using a one – time password by which the users can get the code and then recover the password by using the code provided by the Gmail.