ATT has partnered with Yahoo to provide its email services. They have partnered with each other for a long time, but since 2017, they’ve gone on their separate ways. Earlier, you were able to log in to your account using either Yahoo or att web infrastructure and both the inboxes. But now, it has changed, and they have unmerged their inboxes.

If you want to open the Yahoo login page, you would need to open the attached mail login page. But if you want to login to your Yahoo mail, then you will have to open the Yahoo mail login page.

Here is how to open the att Yahoo email login page.

Go to your web browser and then enter the in the URL bar and then hit the Enter button.

Now, select the Mail option from the top right corner and then enter the next page’s email address and password.

You can also click on the ‘Keep me signed in’ checkbox to keep signed on for a long time.

So, this way, you can access your att email inbox with ease, but if you wish to access your Yahoo mail, then you would need to open the Yahoo official page.

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