A large number of populations are dependent on Gmail for their day-to-day mail service exchange. Meanwhile with this huge amount of responsibility sometimes comes along with a few errors and issues.

The same goes with Gmail many users have exclaimed that they have been going under Gmail syncing problem on their devices especially android users.

If you are also counted in the same category then this article is meant for you. This article is a complete guide on how to fix Gmail not syncing issue just by following some easiest steps.


The reason why Gmail doesn’t sync with android

  1. Weak Internet connection interrupts proper service of Gmail
  2. Gmail is not updated with the latest version
  3. Cache and Cookies not cleared and overloaded
  4. Antivirus program running along while syncing

Steps to solve Gmail not syncing on android 

  • Update Gmail 
  1. Go to play store
  2. Type Gmail in the search bar
  3. Check if the update option is active below the Gmail icon
  4. If yes, hit on the update button.
  • Proper internet connection

If you are working with a weak and lagging internet connection, then you need to switch your server as an improper internet connection will not let you sync your Gmail with your device.

  • Restart your device

This is the most simple and basic step to fix the issue of syncing which can prove useful sometimes

  • Clear cache and cookies

Overloading cache and cookies and not clearing them generates bugs within the browser that disturbs the function of Gmail. Therefore keep clearing Cache and Cookies from browser and Gmail. 

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