Google as internet service is so wholistic, you can go on to different sites and find all the information you need on it. There are so many features that it provides, there is of course the Google search engine where there is information and websites where products and services provided information about themselves. Which you might also call digital marketing and other social media sites about which you can know or even log in, like Facebook webpage and Instagram webpage. There are other aspects in which Google has moved into, like Email service, Google Documents, Google Excel sheets and much more. One Google account takes you in all these features, but before you begin, they send out a verification code. However, Google is very fast and effective but sometimes people complain about Not getting google verification code. In the next section, we will discuss why and how can you solve this problem.


Why can’t you receive a Google verification code?


Let’s be honest, this happens to users every once in a while, but it’s important to make sure that why are people Not getting google verification code.


  • One reason could be that your computer has a lot of viruses and malwares and you have not used an Antivirus to remove them. That is why users do not receive verification google code. 


  • Cookies and caches are basically permissions to surf different websites but they can be quite dangerous for users as they can stop you from receiving verification codes from Google.

A bad Internet connection can result in Google verification text not received, so connect to the internet to make sure.